Texas Moon

Pooters use rock in space
February 15, 2013, 9:57 am
Filed under: Glen Rose

Pooters use rock in space

Goodie Goodie gum drops finally they can poot alll the
time now. The great Nasa lies a wopper. O yes They
say the roce in outer space will be 17 000 miles away.
Sure it will. Is so then why ant them mexicans
at 9460 Kempwood getting on that street and going naked pooting for the rockm in space.
That guy on KPRC at 1130 pm last
night says strange stuff.
He said a russian jet crash in the air and then
there was a earth quake.
U know the half brain waers a tie and shiney
shoes near hwy 249 . He and the brain ant really
Any way Fred was fixing to go to the
bath room at this place and this
cleaning lady was in there. Just go to center
fold with shorts on . No lets all go to blue lite
cemetory tonight. And have a sex bang there.
It would be good for the skeletons
in the graves. But it may be just dust.
Well any lady wants to touch throbing can.
Thats a good way to get gopfer horny as hell.

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