Texas Moon

The homo life
February 8, 2013, 8:03 pm
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Yea yahoo loves Obama and the homosexual life style.  That dont belong in the

military . No way . But in the 1980s there was the dark side called homoville.

Its like this if one does self love its not ok.  But if all do it its ok .  Least thats

what SK5 Enter said.   Well to tell u the truth some one could not —- the Milt.

But they could not say a word about it.  Its sorta like missing ships movement.

Not exactly.  Things changed since the 1980s.  But really i guess some one used to

pleasure them selves in the shower.  Really.  O one time this old lady 15 miles

from Lufkin. Got here. Yes discusting looking naked.  Had a gut and kinda grose.

But any way Fred got her in the shower .  Had to clean some where.  She the

attention wanting tryed to go up and down with Freds dick. so they would

cum.  Any way watching too many porny flicks Fred needed head instood

of the incert.   Now back to the Navres in h town.. Yea thats where it was.

Fred missed some meets and then.  Came  back on Sat all spify and they said

no more . Missed too many.  Uncle Billy had his minions con the Fred in to

quiting.  So the story goes.  No pushing the bull in the shower feels so good

dont it that tingle feeling.  But yo ending lots of tadpoles life.

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