Texas Moon

All blackie said
January 31, 2013, 9:28 pm
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O all white black monster on hwy 529 said was lots of curse words. No thats not true.

Apine tap showed pluto the roaps. Thats right where the mode john was and the room

brake.  Now what a joke no vacation no nothing. Just like like before.  Hells bells.Now its 1042.  What they going to do call pancho and say got some wheres else toput u . Well since Sharon is not rubbing snake oil on the pecker.  It sure fells good.Well it did.  And that thing between thy legs. Kinda old but still can add thy goodies all the way in .  All this is strange talk.  Yes Fred said in detail about the gAnegreen thing in the guts.  Yes it was kinda grose. All that pain.  For 2 days seemed like pluto was in hell.  Looked at that tv close to that bed . It was changing colors and had the devil in it or some thing.  Yea and Fred wet the bed could not help it.  A nurse cleaned it up.  And Fred tried to sleep but they was deep in some where hurting and had bezar dreams all the time . That first night.  I guess Nit could not stand too much pain.  Bozo can stAND pain but. Still  remembers was in side near the stomak all black and grose looking so much bacteria it had to be taken out pronto.

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