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History of the area as Fred tells it
January 1, 2013, 9:01 am
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How far do u want me to go back ?  Well i can go back to 1964 till now .  Its kinda foggy back in 1964.  O the folks and Fred moved from a little town 25 miles from Waco, Texas.

Some one claims they moved here in 1968 . No thats a misnomer.  O i think there recovering from the party last night .  Or had a few to drink were they was.  Any way let me start again about this history.   Well there is this rent house on soway street that the folks rented till there new house  was built on Spring Valley street.  There was not to many houses there in 1965.  Any way  some one was a coach and teacher at that new high school called SW.  And the other was a teacher till they became a principle. Yes this Fred person suposedly went to Edge Wood Ele for a year.  Its now the new one on Kempwood.   This is a kinda long story.   Fred feels like a moronic not having plans. May be in the present may be not.  Yea right next door Fred thought that girl there was so and wanted some thing.  Later they got the split tail.   Any way  Fred went to this school called SWJR .  There he met some that he knows still.  Thats 40 +4 +1  years.  Yea thats a long time.  O now Fred goes to that huge school, least thats what he thought.  U bet there was bullies there so what.  Just emptyness that deploma could been used as wipping paper, worth less piece of chinga.  Well if u dont like what Fred thinks so sad to bad. Yea i ant finished this story but Gofer will later.

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