Texas Moon

Folks of the past
January 1, 2013, 7:11 pm
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Well its kinda orkward saying things about peeps , gofer will do it any way next door there used to be this or these strange creatures ill call em . Then accross the way there was this fat mexcan that fed dumpster cats. The fat slob thought they was his babies, Then there was these creatures from viet nam . O they had a dog once then the next day it was gone. That place was covered with fleas. Here is a nother part – when the crim wave from new orleans got here there was a holy house close by. Then once the out side was painted pink. O Fred one time went to the pool and got in the deep end some brown dodo shit was in the bottom . Thats the last time gofer swam there. O yes Fred for got about Hunters Creek Apts. O yea Pancho one time had only a 15 speed bike. So they was the watchman over there. Pebbles at Fred. Then there was GWS o yes had or has a wrecking company . Moved to Dallas cause of the hurrican. O and again there was a fellor named Gary that worked in the warehouse at EW on holly hall . Pancho can name a few there was Bob for got there last name the manager at EW .

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