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December 20, 2012, 6:16 pm
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Well i was thinking about making one for west kempwood. But there is too many that may want to spy on it. Put time bombs  or any kind of bug in there.  Yea a time bomb is a virus that can go off at a certain time.  That teacher in  intro i remember saying that.  Yea  and she add the longest way  to do html ever.  No i dont know how to put memory an a heat sink in a computer .  Once the disk drive has too many errows  its fried .

O there is this secur guar company that has .  Yea  first they  give u 26 hours at  8 a hour , then they say u can do this other post the same .  One is 17 fin one way the other is 5   . Hells bells talk about using gas, then money out for unis then they take out money for non comm lic. more less a sucker  .  Gower is just telling .  Lets see.  20 x 8  is 160.  4 x8 is  32.  I been doing the simple math miles  it sucks,  O rampus says wll see how u do with 26  first somthing fishy in Denmark .  17 miles wont do what is some one is late.

A figure could be disroat.  

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