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History 210 – Spillin some beans
December 19, 2012, 9:56 pm
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Hello long haired freaky people . Thats  a part of a beatles song “im looking through u” Its  on the revolre vinal record.  Who really cares ? Rather listen to KASE in Austin . I dont know KLBJ am is some what straight lased.  Long time ago KILT 610 used to play beatle music, and weird beard plus Alex Bennet was on there, i guess.  O in like 1983 there. was MOBY in the morning KLOL. To bad those days are gone for good . All that going to Austin and wild times.  Hells bells its rough to rest the eyes.  What ever happen to so and so from the trails . Well bad ideas cause pluto did not do TA at bear creek .  That  sounds so stupid these days . Back in 1982 0r 3 .  Yea i could go on and on about things. Long time ago this fellor went to TEX A & I got to be a geologist.  Then worked for the post office . If  he did all thoes years at the uspo .        

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