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finding a job
December 10, 2012, 8:54 am
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Good  luck. That i believe it was Amb manager at Sw Street.  I  gloter did not know .  But

it was already known before the 2 fin weeks that cutting seal wount last .  That ssd what

ever should had told every ine how long the thing would last . O no they cant they was

too much concerned jow much money they  could make.   Yea that fin George did not

stay there for 5 fin years.  Every 3 yrs its another sec co there.  Any way loter was

thinking of quiting a few tremindous times. Hell if u dont make plans when yr  cutting

or adding yo screwed  . Yea there is this one slime that wanted Joe to drive almost 25 to

a interview. Hell thats 50 miles .  Then its shift work.  Just read the interviews about that

low pay no shows lots of ot.  Hell at the plae on sweetwater they was late but not 30 all

the fin time.  Yo got5 tired of that bs Hardra did not care.  He just wanted to get 

some have to get locked .  Screw that mess yes gloter can tell u lots mo stories   

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