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History of nw Houston since 1964
December 4, 2012, 8:37 am
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Image Well thats bear creek park near clay road.

The earlyest i can remember going there is i guess in 1972.  O i was suppesd to be

on this deserted road out there trying to get some split tail. Any way i dont know much

except the house on soway that was a rent house till the new one was finished on

spring valley in 1964. Yea i remember Nov 23 JFK.  O clay road was a winding 2 lane

road out in the woods 40 years ago. Some one was struggle in high school i guess.

Im taking a little break and doing this. Yea that SWJR  i guess thats where i met some

that i know now. The viet nam war was going on.  Some fool was influenced by bad peeps

back then. Any way they met the bag next door and wanted split tail. I say high school

is just a fading memory . Then there was the land scaping and refinish school desk for a

while. Next was Stacey Electric owned by Bob Jones. Dont know nothing now about it.

Then the blind man went to affies and just had to talk to Nav.  The area used to be a nice

place to live . But it was invaded.  Yea the bag lady on hammerlyused to  drive to spring valley at times to convince gofer lofer some thing.      

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