Texas Moon

Things seen by crawfish

Things seen by crawfish Yea gofer is misiribally tired.  Dont care if its spelled rong.  Gofer is not taking classes at UT in Austin.  Who in the world can pay 30000 to go there a year ?  O gofer has seen the pictures the libs at ut put on here.  Well o yes well.  Just do like goferr did loose lots of sleep.  They will get it back when ?   Well last night gofer got worn out cuttin seals and climing that blank ladder .  No goferr is not living in the past.  U knw the bag lady on hammerly and all tha beer and that place on yale street.  Any way gofer would not go to Sul  Ross College in Alipne. Thats like out in the desert.  O goin to that place out in the woods mmmm are they trying to hummpy pump.  Dam these mexicans have there radio too fin loud.  Now its time to take as hot shower aand brush the teeth.   O yes that beer and wiskey shots.