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free speech
November 8, 2011, 2:38 am
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 Yea u can put aany thing about any one on here but . It stays on here for ever. Cause its the internet. O i can put what i dont like about this fellor from 1962 on here .  The probably lived on neuman drive.  Just look at that house now ! It looks like a shack its so old.  Yes Marlin,Texas.  Where blacks live in old white houses.  And main street looks like it never changes.  Any way to change the subject  try kempwood o yes.  Its a street in Spring Branch.  Its got lots of green card holders living there.  Now who cares what time it is really the time is 4am.  And is gofer really sittin in the bear or not ? Yea that imported mexicaan beer is too expensive . Just go down there no dont and see how much beer cost.   Yes this is part of what gofer is thinking thats kinda rated.  Any way gofer the loafer has got too much cum in the bag they wear.  Now talking about long point the street – no one is on it now may be the blue is.

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