Texas Moon

dirty kempwood 1972
November 6, 2011, 2:42 am
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Well there ant no pictures yet. Yes its 4am in this cave.  Some think gofer lives in a cave under Austin, Texas.  The truth is did UT loose again or what.  Who really cares.  Well gofer saw this scag lady  walking late at nite on hollister.  Any way some one had a birth day today.  Gofer unexpectly got a call from down south.  Dont still know if she is real or knot.  Any way the longer communication is transfered the more its ok.  Now whats the deal with this 12 pack of bud lite ?  U know that type is kinda strong  no stop signs after so many beers.  Who cares – leasst its not that spider lady near Lufkin.