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The real History of Spring Branch
October 22, 2011, 6:04 am
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 Hello, there is many things the internet dont tell u about Spring Branch.  Goterr should know , since they have lived there since the astrodome was built.   Yes goter moved here from a litttle town close to http://www.waco.com . Any way they went to that elementry that is being moved to where the horse pasture was.  It was interesting back in the past i guess.  Well that house on soway was a rent house till that one on valley spring was finished.  O yes then it was time to go to SWJR or what ever they call it now.  Any way thats where Randy Krome met Bobby Lade.  U know some of the memory is clear as a bell.  Well gofer remembers speech class and spanish. O they had a good looking spanish teacher.  Those years gofer met some bag lady  not really but never mind. That used to live next door on spring valley. Yea gofer wanted to well with bg for so long.  Then  it was the big change to SWHS wow. Gofer thought that place was huge. Yes there is some blank time areas there. O gofer remembers some runt bully called Allen King.  THe pester.  Well it seems Allen went to a reunion and wore skimpy shorts .  Him and his long hair.  There is a picture of him with a beer all pouty cause.  Any way finally gofer did bg though he was green.  Yes gofer worked for the SBISD a long time. First it was the land scapping crew, then at the paint shop. Well some time back then gofer, bj felder, t atsinger was cleaning lockers at a jr hi school.  Thats right can u believe it ?  Any way to make a long story short gofer was scared.  O yes should i make up names to protect well yes.  Ok then.  Yes there was Stacey Electric onn sherwood.  Well any how gofer got tired of the gb and found hip hugger on gessner.  This takes up too much time putting out details of the past on here.  Is all this real or made up ?

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