Texas Moon

since they built the astrodome
October 21, 2011, 4:13 pm
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O -yea, u want my take on H town . It may not be the one u like or some  that is opessed with this place may not like whats on here. Who really cares ? Im not like the prevert that likes to look at men. Yes there is such of a creature. Any way its supposed to get to 59 degrees tonight.  The fence neeeds some one to nature it it to night.  Yes its easy to nod off when just sitting in that gulf cart.  O last night just about 3 of em was so tired they went to sleep .  There was the creature, the 18 year old kid and the smoker.  Hells bells why is gofer ssaying this when there in tthe twlight zone.  Any way the astro world used to be on 610 its been torn down . Channel 13 used to be good when MARVIN ZINLER was there.  Yes there was this morroic bag lady that used to go around spring valley waiting  for the gofer .

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