Texas Moon

creatures near a certain street
October 6, 2011, 11:59 am
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O yes last night some one sittin on that retarted counter for a while. So what  ? O then  marv got in there and said get up . Dingle berries dont under stand oferr for got and should had stood up at 530.   Gofer lofer dont sit on that counter in the day. O they made federal case about getting fired.  O lover boy can do that.  Many others before gofer just quit that place.  They dont scare the gofer.  He been nearly killing them self cutting adding climing that funkin ladder.  And all they get is a big shaft . Is this complaining about a certain thing , who knows.   Yea benny will go there and nothing will be said about a certain ending hour.  Use common smarts if the brain has any , that is stand at 530.


Yea goferr kempt on having this weird dream. Well here it is . It was at that house in Glen Rose. Waterr on each level. They was going to force gofer to clean it . Then there was lots of people standing in line there.  Then gofer woke up and had to pp lots.

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