Texas Moon

September 13, 2011, 1:13 am
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Hello all u night alws . U know KILT used to play rock music they sure did . Any way that is a lackness of thing that knocked on the door once. No far from it. Yes it must have been that dancer girl with big tits . O gofer is not making that up.  Well its late at nite. Wonder how big deberts dong is ? Does that make me a homo ? Just getting these twisted ideas in the cabesa. Yes its good to watch porn and play with papa.  No thats not normal.   Any way bg used to have a so so body. Big tits and  down below. But gofer got tired of that. No im not below the congress street bridge in Austin, making this report. Hearing all those bats. There is a bag of garbarge that needs to be in the dumpster.  O they said there is too many in the place “thats what paul said”. Who really knows. Yes out there in the parking lot there is those plastic time clock buttons there is 3 or 4  of them. Some one named duby is fat and has big tits . For get that bungle lady.

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