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History of the area
March 2, 2011, 5:27 pm
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Well it started out in Siberia . They the folks crossed that pennsula that was there many years ago. Then gradually came to North America as the Indians. There was tribes like the commanche . What they did to white folk is cut there sex organs out and ate then to get there powers.  Then setterers from Europe came over here. The french,spanish, and english mostly. Well english setteled up north. And had this revolution and got rid of England.  O yes there was witch trails . O these ladies had to strip a witch to see if they had magic powers.  Some got burned at the stake.  Then in 1821 Mexico had a revoultion to get rid of Spain. In the process a strong man got in to power known at San Anna. Mexicon let the folks in if they obeyed the law. Steven F Austin when to Mexico City for land grants. So later on the Texans did not go by mexican rules. So San TE Anna marched in to Texas to crush the revolt . There was a head the Alamo.  Well they could had just left the Alamo but no they stayed and fout.  Davy Croket, Jim Bowie, And William Travis. Was there.  Will Travis sent a mesage to the world for help and drew a line in the sand. Sam Houston the Commmander of the Texas Army wanted them to destroy the fort and leave. But no way. Sam Houston had time enough to gather forces against San Anna.  Well there is mor to it than that. Any way in 1900 there was folks living where patterson road is now. They got flooded out and many died. There is a old cemetory at hwy 6 and patterson road for them.  O u want to know about Spring Branch ?  It was setteled by German Farmers.  In 1964 this area was kinda new. O i guess i lived in a rent house on soway. A year later lived on Spring Valley. Thats where i met well i though a good looking . I guess that was my first lay . O yes Some one went to Spring Woods they wont confess they did thes years.

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