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Houston Job market
March 1, 2011, 9:31 am
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Thats right ! If u dont have a certficatate in some thing other than warehouse or security guard work u are screwed.  O sure u can be cretified to drive a fork lift but its temp. That is call when needed.  O they can call u for 4 days a week or less.  And u can be liftin heavy box or cleaning the floor.  When u get like 57 or more u cant lift box constantly. O and the security guard card crap. O just go to Stan Shepard and give him money dont call these companies first.  Well call first and go to the one on richmond street.  O they will have u get a piss test or not and give u that brainwash book.  Then send u to that place near gulf bank road and 45.  The guard checkers wil come by and forcc u to show your dl and guard card all the time.  Thats for control and fear them.  Dont fall for that.  Then do what ever.  They treat u like a slave. There has been many that quit that place.  All that is on here is a lie.  Thats right go find out your self.

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