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Brainless security guards at a certain place
January 25, 2011, 4:11 pm
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Here is the deal they got this so called dress code and bull shit code onthe wall. Its only about fear. Hell u do that and then try to find a regular job and cant. Or try to go to college and u have problems cause u dont know how to think.  Any way there is this dum ass that says there goining over seas.  O yes they have a USN bag.  If i was them idd reenlist.  But hells bells gloter has done there time. Yes with out cholie u have problems .  Any way who wants or can work at FEDX when there 55 well no one . Liftin all that weight is not wise. O yes u can be a superivsor but it dont take no skill to do it. O yes gofer did the nav res thing years ago. Go through hell boot camp. Then tryed to hospit cor. Then finally got to E4 level and faded away.  O that dress code bs is with ever security guard company . Its about control and fear. Who eve reads this if u think gofer is too smart to bad they got free speech.

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