Texas Moon

Strange news of hwy 290 area
November 4, 2010, 12:24 pm
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Yes this is stange news.  Well when i got back to the cave to day these ufos were trying to land on my head.  Thats right it ant no lie. There is this so called cop with no job that likes to look at gofer when the bend over.  Then its bend over billy time.  Then real reason for puttin this deal on here is a year of 1972 o yes. They said gofer somke that stuff and girl chaser.  Well its  Nov 4 2010 and there must have been a time warp of great need.  Gofer dont remember 1972 too much cause thats a long time ago. Any way there still tired even after drinking coca cola.  But listen they dont have nothing on.  Come here all u good lookers thats bi s, drag queens and any twites freaks look at gofers body.  Some old lady did that was from near Lufkin did a few times.  O now im the Gov of Texas so glad to hear that.  Thats a joke. Any way gofer needs probably a rub down some time. Could be a man or a lady. Ladies hav the right stuff to do gofer good. Hey who ever reads this good luck.  Its all the brain is thinking when they need some more crash time.  And all this is not true at all.  The democrats made me put this on here.  They said i could ge a high paying job if i did. Like working to reelect there holy god OBAMA.

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