Texas Moon

miami gard place 9540
November 1, 2010, 12:30 pm
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Here is the so called news. Well ger it goes again the monster goes to a el trucko and ask  what deal 2 or 1 cut and the nig boy from afri gets mad. Then the nig talks to pretty man .  Its all a fuckin game .  Screw that bull shit they just wont u to be scared.  Well who cares long as nig boy cant be seen around the place.  Hells bells some one is dam tired. Is ther any one reaing this short story from the University of Texas in Austin. Thats made up also.  And going to West Texas State University is or was made up.  Any way a good crash would be nice. Brandy is just to much to drink right now.  Hey thanks WW Emmons from the low life high school called Spring Woods . U gave gofer a piece of chinga on May 29 1972 .  Yes u did gofer dont know where that picture is. O moving away from that mexican hold out would be so nice. That means change has taken place thats needed  .  Yes some one needs to take a shower and crash.  Now its 186 words in this work of art.  Is this a english paper  goferhas to give to the bog man at WTSU or UT .  I am the walrus is a screwd up song by the beatles . Have u ever read the words to it.  They must have been on drugs or drinking wiskey straight.

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