Texas Moon

hammerly sex stories
November 1, 2010, 3:36 pm
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Yes there is lots of illegal mexicans living in that hovel.  They go out side last night and pranced around with nothing on some were drinking beer.  One mexican lady dressed in black knocked on the cave door.  Fofe had to let em in the moment i did that they changed to a human female wolf thats right.  Any way its almost 6 and crash time it is here again.  Ill just go to Austin and go to a holy house.  Long time ago fred went to those.  Then before that it was those hook place on airline drive.  Yes the first one was kinda green.  O it was on blalock and goger went inside and was still a virgin.  Yes it was the pig lady that was in bed with a night gown on.  It was scarry. Gradually fgoer could not get enough of that pussy.  But it got old so they went to the hip hugger place on gessner.  O there was a topless joint near hammerly once and goer could had got some tang there.    O yes they still had to wip the mule thouth.  But these days its slacken off and may die on the vine.  Sorry if this is just too long.  U see our great democrats that are hope and change made me put this on here.

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