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kempwood history from 1964 till now
October 24, 2010, 9:58 am
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 Right now im at east beach Glaveston .  I got in the gray surf and cant see a inch . Some female giant squid got its teincals raped around my dick and started to suck it.  No im not down there no way.  U see there is this female lady thats kinda plump and had shorts on yesterday.  O i bet she would be better with nothing on. See that big tail she has and lots of pubic hair.  O just come over and have some fride catfish and stuff .  Any way this is for all the creatures that  are washing there clothes or at bear creek park.  I dont know. Any way i saw near patterson road and hwy 6 some thing.  Well here they were leading a cow some where and near the cemetory.  Yea i was waching them and drinking a coke.  Im not there now.  How is Austin these days ? Who cares about Austin University foot ball ?  Yes they still go swimming in barton springs in the raw. Of course the teachers at UT do.  Yea some some called Alice lives in Austin now. And says she is not married thats a lie.  Common Marrage is the same thing. Who cares ?

Rambeling on an on  o this is about that history. Im not saying a word. U can find out about it on here.

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