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KEMPWOOD NEWS – Naked creatures fight UFOS
October 22, 2010, 2:43 pm
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 Hello out there. George Nory said ” naked creatures are fighting UFOs in outer space.  And this felor is puttin the news on here from the dark side of the moon.  In case u are drinking brandy and gettin it sucked on.   Thats right some one can put gully washeres on here and u believe it.  Well i saw this security guard undo there pants and pull out there dick.  Yes. i did.  This goes out to all the bisex groupies.  O there are colored folks that lisen to 102 fm in HOUSTON. O yes and KYOK.  I heard that bull shit its filled with hate to the whites and the law.

Yea i hears that so many times at day l during the evening.  Hell and there was this big tits temp lady that stayed late with the supervisors .  Hells bells that standing around waiting for a truck to come in or out is the bigggest waste of time.  TO cut or add seals.  Might at well restin the army tank.  Yes the first time i saw a pussy was 4 or 5 years old.  Yes folere stlll remembers after 50 or so years.  Hells bells lets see Glen Beck is or was on fox news. Dam some one needs a catnap.   No thats just a wise tail.

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