Texas Moon

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October 21, 2010, 3:00 pm
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Well its past 520 i guess.  Some one is kinda sagged out.  O i bet those that scan men are gettin there rocks off.  There is so many leaving each shift u get hard all the time.  All those good looking men men men men. o yes.  But wait some one dont want to go there but they got to.  O some men want gofers thing out in the breeze thats right.  It will be a point.  But there is a sex cult party under apt 124 tonight.  Yes there is .  O its a undergrown cave.  Ye there is a haff bul and man there. If u dont like our holy Obama they send u there.   Its the UFOS that spot folks to take to that cave.  First its the virgins then the rest.  No thats not is . O  thses peeps are having a paty on the beach.  Then there is this big tits lady that went to sw in 1972.  O she wanted me to go skinny dippping in the water.  There she goes striping down the beach. Then in the water.

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