Texas Moon

lay lady lay
July 15, 2010, 1:01 pm
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Yea ist about o sex understading. Any way some one is needs lots of things. Probably missing a part of life.  Any way just watch the video of jaws.  Wait this dont make no sence.  Well just go get some brandy and go to hwy 521.  O yes years ago some fool was out in a shed when it was10 degrees out side or some thing like that.  They had all kinds of blankets on to kep warm.  But drank all that brandy it done some thing to them.  O they unlock the gate and went to this strangers house and was all fucked up.  Then left and ended up in the street some where  ice covered windows.  That recker knocked on the windo and said go back to the gate. O they did and was so fucking cold and hid in the shed . Bozo came by to see if they was ok.   Garbarge can will never do that again.  Go to that place on hwy 521 and rap up in warm stuff and drink that bottle of brandy .  That brandy kicks ass and creeps in and stays.  All this is just a story  and never happened.

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