Texas Moon

strange x rated things near blalock _o yea_
July 10, 2010, 11:44 pm
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Well since its after two its ok to walk down blaock i guess.  Better bring a tank and a spot lite.  Thats right.  Any way just put on some shoes and go bear ass naked down that road.  O they may call the law thats ok really.  Get a free ride and some clothes u know .  No just go to patterson road thats better no one is on that road. Its nice and dark there.  O take some one that does incest some spanish blogfd and get her excited.  O she got a husband i guess gofers guesses.  Its all a lie.  Thats right . Well loter put there hand on the dick and tryed to get juce out of it. That did not work .  So at that inn close to magnum there could be a hook need  ride.  O there was down gessner one nite.  Yes gofer was riddin a 15 speed and there was baracades in the road.  Some hook stoped him and got on his front tire and said not to go down that road.  Should had taken  there advice. Any way this cum is n the dick and wants out but got to be done the right way.

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