Texas Moon

shadow people or monsters near kempwood

monsters near campbell road

Yes there  on yahoo games playing pyrmides those monsters. In fact there comming out of the computer thats right. O there got this game called chase.  O yes they the mexicans go to the statue of liberty on kempwood and chase each other naked.  O what tails gofer can koge up.  Yes and that fat lady that lives on durst road is here. Thats right.  She is feeling the dong in my undreware.  O now puling it out and going up and down with her hand .  O its getting wet. There is lots of milk comming out.  That hot stuff.   O there is that real fat fat thing knocking on the door,. O now puttin her mouth on the dong and sucking it.  Thats a lie.  In fact ever thing is on here. This hold thing is made up. Why not just open the door and go out side naked.  If there want no law may be sinful would.  No gofer just cant go out there naked.  O yes kempwood if that street could tell the past what went on.   O some ones dong can i guess.  Some choke chicken and some in and out.

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