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National Trust and bragg road
July 5, 2010, 10:02 pm
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bragg road

Hello in nw H town . I knw most normal are resting now.  Well how smart is it to drive with the red engine lite on.   U get o f ive feet and the thing stalls out and its dead.  That means u scred up the engine worst than it was.  What a dum ass would do such of a thing. In fact thats what happen to night this so called manager wanted pluto to drive with the red enging lite on.  There is no way in hell. Garbarge can dont want to get a rebuilt engine . 

pocket pool

Well thats at some park in H town. Yea glue watied and waited Friday to get towed back and forth they walked . Then gofer deited to sit in the thing and take a nap.

lake line stone

    Nothing much going on here just kinda tired and need to crash.  Yes gofrer fig that moronich brain would not pick the frllor up again . Ant that so sad.  Hells bells  going all the way on that fun bus 9 when some one is worn out is shit.  Yes some one now knows where the schottish inns are. O gettin off that bus down town and wait wait wait for that other creatuer is a bounch of shit.

WHO the ffuck wants to start riddin metro again . Some one done it in the past o yes they have. O this is supposed to be about bragg road . U know that one near Satatoga.

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