Texas Moon

kempwood nakedness at 93456
June 24, 2010, 3:10 pm
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Yes its going naked time on that street. No madder if u are 100 years old.  Lets show support for out holy king OBAMA by going naked on kempwood.  It may be embarrising but who cares.  Goger may have a long thing growing on him.  Thats right.  Dogs,insects,sheep,cows,cats are already naked so they come by to watch the show. Now thats called streaking u know .  Taking off all the clothes and going nude running from one place to another.  Part of the naked armed forces does that at blacks beach in ca.  Thats right.  U just walk in back of a building at NTC San Diego and this lady Lt. sits on a step and opens up her dress when sittin . Thats right a invite.

Gofer dont know the address but they got a hot tub there.  Just go there and get naked and this lady in the pool will do it with your pecker.  All this is made up  . Still not n a good mood with 1036 USS Sample.  who cares ?  thats a ghost ship

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