Texas Moon

the game last nite
kempwood mex zoo

 Hello thats the place where the retarted flunkie security guards are .  Thats right.  O they play a game called  tell crap o  they wanted back in the cave.  O then they say there wareing a muron shirt then it was there thin.  O on and on it went thill the witching hour and no called from the great tower.  Gofer thinks  there full of shit. Make holy federal case out of it when there was no such of a deal.  Yea that dont make sence.  So does staying there till hell freez over.  U stay there 50 more years and nothing will change. O  big balls will come there again and prance around . O here is the news Our lord OBAMA changed commander in AFGANISTAN, the cap on the oil leak came off , Nancy Poicy< try it- u like it> is besar and strange.  All are against the commie gov health care.  Yes these mexicans decited to go bear ass naked on kempwood today . Thats right. it was so hot out side.  They walk to gessner and back just with shoes on.  

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