Texas Moon

brillant duction master flunkie guardie
June 22, 2010, 2:03 pm
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O yes just come on and bull shit gofer on and on at midnite.  Gofer knows all the games. Now gorer got the great flunkie cards lets celebrate lake a federal case wich master flunke will do.   Enough is enouth on that crap. Just stay there a billion years nothing will change.   Yes some lady looked good but no .  Trying to touch thy gofer .  Hells bells need oil changes kinda bad u know suck and fuk  and all the rest.  U  think gofer will not use a skin if so and so from big d does it with him ?   Where is the fat on hammerly u dont need a cover for that if its clean head job and may be in .  Yea just go to patterson road late at nite with a big tited lady and u know.

O its so nice to keep on lookin at mens hary lege o yea with e  wande .  What else ? Here is the news- well goter got rest in the cave some what. So concerned about the fuckin string and flunkie card thats there goal in life. O sure it is.  Well gotger is sitin here with just shorts on .  Where is that disabled glunkie ? They could be sucking the peter and the peter could be in them cummin. Hey non of this makes sence.

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