Texas Moon

yes the first jack asses of the first brainless

Yes im continully researching brainless security guards some where in h town.  O dont it take brains to cut and twist led seals o sure .  Just go to swhs and drop out .  Yes this is a flunkie job.  O there is a blank mondky that likes to look at mens legs and there dong thats rite.  Yes they try to hide it.  There is a nother that says they are a truck driver and cant find a job and bss.  O what a motley crew.  This place my be on campbell road , long pont who knows where else.  Some security clowns used to buy beer thats right  when so called working.   O next well there is a person that fofer knows that needs cum lots of it thats right .  O ye that time in Mexico that taxy dirver was horny as hell.  Gofer was near all those ladies and the cab driver felt of gofers dong.  Any way thats the first time .  O back to the motley guards –  yes the mites got to stand on that fucking concret 2 funk hours .  All this is lies not a smear campain.   Just where is that black lady in Bastrop. She was kinda plump and had the biggest tits .  Yes on the ground and in her car gofer put there don in side her.   And now at the pool o yes they go kinda with  out clothes and piss in it.  Yes galveston is still not clean place that beach is covered with human wast products.  And that water is nasty gray.  A tv station protreys it as a wonderful place to stay .

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