Texas Moon

September 3, 2009, 4:59 am
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Yes its may 29 ,1972. Thats the day old WW craper gave me that paper to wipe with.  Thats right.  Who cares if thats not the right name ? Since google copies all the naked pictures on here.  I ant got no pictures on here that way .

Why would any one want to see two folks having sex is beyond me ? Does that stimulate the sex organ ? Hells bells i took a shower with a naked fat lady once . Never do it again.  I had to clean some thing with soap and water.
Any way i dont feel  like taking a shower now just resting. That fs place really . May be i will take a hot shower later.  I know companies can read these things. Thats why im not ripin the so called se cos. I guess the more important the job is the more like ly they will read em.
Lets say u was working for a oil company and compalined on here about the work load.  Well they would read this and say since u dont like a stressful job take a vactation and dont come here to work again. But those security guard companies are different- they dont want u to learn how to do a dam thing.

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