Texas Moon

just sacked out
August 26, 2009, 8:40 pm
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Hello sleppy heads.  Well gettin up at 4 ungodly am was rough, then going  down south to the jungle.  O that sittttin on that cemet was not good,. Theere was a fat spanich lady a head of catfir. Finally the giant cave opened and there i was sittin on the lime stone rocks at lake travis.  It was hot out there.

Ye i came back and had to find out how to count on my fingers and use a super computer.  No none of this really happen i catfish just made it up.  That naps i got want really enough today.  There was this weird dream last nite.  There was these giant bulls in a pond or some thing. Folks was bragging on each of them.  And they wanted to drain the water but.  They said some thing could eat the cows and people. Another dream was being stranded.  Then still another was having a beard on my face and talking to   the folks in there bead room. That was on grace street.  Well i bet if i put some thing on here thats not crazy sounding more hits will be on here.

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