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magic naked mexian kempwood
August 16, 2009, 7:52 am
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the retarted ones

the retarted ones

I JUST saw a naked retarted bone head democrat. Thats right they was at 9540 kempwood. No there really mexicans that go to kempwood and feel each other.

There is the fat ladies i like to see that are naked there on kempwood. Some times the walk west to the bus stop on sunday and wait for bus 48.  They sit on the bench and dogs come by and smell between the ladies legs.

Yes there once on the ground i saw some thing. There was that crack head lady . Some fake cop was i think  fucking her.  I looked out the windon and he must hav put his dick in her. The crack head black scum bag thats who it is. Knock in on men windows and taking any money she could.  But all that mess is gone these days.

There was some small lady with tattos.  She was playing with some ones dick and got em all bothered.  Well for 15 buckos will suck and fuck.  O use to some wise ass let her in there car.  To the other side of the parking area.  I think she sucked him and has a tight pussy. Some one said it sure felt good .  O of couse some one wanted 15 more smackers to to the nasty.  Well some one refused the wager.

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