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TPS on the nwfy
June 11, 2009, 7:23 pm
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the holy guest

the holy guest

If that stupid ass security guard that there at night says any thing to the guest tell the  lobby worker and have then fired. Thats right ! I dont care if they got to live in the street . There is a security guard there that has a phone hooked up to there ear. Thats the one thats been saying crap he needs to be replaced .

I hope some one reads this. I have seen that lazy ass guard sleep in there car late at night, when they think no one is watching them . If some one read this. they will think that some guard thats been there before and guit cause  of what they said is making things up . Nope.

Cant do nothing at all they cant just grin and bear it.  Yea there is a game out there its called see how fast they can get rid of a good worker. I ant saying no more crap about those dam tea parties.  In fact they should be against the law .  Yall should have called the law when that jack ass security guard was bothering the guest and filled charges  against the guard. That way they would have a police record and never be able to work no where .

Thats right gofer lofer made up this hole story .

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