Texas Moon

well here is the news
April 22, 2009, 10:47 pm
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Pncho is tired and snoon crashing but . They stoped pull the mule.

Rather have a good looking do that. Yes Obama and his cronies

want to hurry up for the socialized medicine and soon take guns

then no free press.  In fact they want to control every thing.

Screw that fucking idea lets have more tea parties. U know the 2

year elections are comm in up. Lets fire em all .  Thats right get rid

of all that want that rip off stimulas bull shit and communism.

Come on now home  land security come and get me.  I got free speech.

Im not a red neck hater.  Now ever one is seen the light who they

voted for and dont like whats gong on.

Well that lady i seen some where got the tightest pussy i think.

The one that is studing general chemistry.  Any way  i promise they

the mornons will try to call again.  U know there deal do me a favor

s/o blank be at so and so and hours less. Or friday call tell where 

spossed to do when its alrealy known.

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