Texas Moon

watching frog sperm go in fat lady
April 13, 2009, 1:54 pm
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Thats right im at barton springs in Austin. They found this giant frog

that puts sperm in this fat lady from Nagodoches.   Thats right.

I did that a few times.  That pussy was too small.  Then the last time

cogos put there dick in that it went in a long ways, cum about

5 times.  She should had sucked the dick then.  No more of fat lady

spider.  Im not drinking nothing just tired.   O its fun to go to the

kempwood and go naked.  All the mexcans do that at 4 pm .

Thats right.  See who has the biggest dick.  Yes men do get off to 

each othere and frogs insects ,fat flat ladies.  Yea there is a few that

are.  Fish cat has more than they do.   Well just to go 290 and gessner

and park and take off the clothes then have sex with the pig that

used to or still does live on hammerly.  Its the normal thing to do.

Why does that jack ass call me when i know there game.  TO see if the

number works.  I dont have a telephone or a brain.  In fact im in a

cave under Austin. Thats rite.  These lady female wolfs are on me.

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