Texas Moon

naked rest at the store check out
April 8, 2009, 1:46 pm
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egarHello out there. U know pancho is naked dam tired.

Thats right just let that lady at the tps on 290 ge t here .  Catfcish seen her last nite at that place.

Just strip naked like that good looking lady did once ago at centerfold .  Thats right she did and my dick almost went in that pussy . I could feel that juce in her pussy .  She was wanting to get my dick wet .  And then there was anothere lady i some how met her in Austin once. She was sittin almost on top  of my dick down stairs. I had shorts on and wich i d had dinero. She was playing with my dick.  Yes strange things go on at that place.  I ant been there in a long time.

There is a way u dont have to pay for sex.  Any way thanks for keeping me awake last night u fools.   I did not say this.

Any way where is sharon that spider ? They can stay here for 2 or 3 hours. Thats all .  I want to put my toung in that pussy but i did not and put my finger in it.  My dick need s all that cum to get out of it. U can suck it Sharon if u know how. But wait where is bg the pig from hammerly. Sex acts with that i dont know.

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