Texas Moon

please sharon in that nag town
April 1, 2009, 4:54 pm
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btm  Hello that does look like a dick kinda right.  Well

Sharon that fat fat lady u can do the honors that is

take a shit for me. Yes sit on the crapper.  Get that

do do out and get some paper and wipe my ass.  Then trun on the

shower with hot water and  put the dick on the water it do tingle.

Next is soap down and rince off.   I need your pussy even though its

old for some thing.  To put a worm in it.  You can suck it after u pull it

out.  This is a detailed  security report yes it is.  Called a sam check

in every 2 hors.  Then so called check the t and c log.  The reason for

that is no sleeping.  Any way i go need really to take a log in the

crapper.  Where is barbara that pig that lived on hammerly or ?

Just get here .  For sex experiments thats right.  I want to see if this

dog will like the pussy.  Im just joking cause i am the dog.  Yes i am,

i do need some more beer.

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