Texas Moon

deps of darkness from there
April 1, 2009, 8:07 pm
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images3456t Ok from the deps of tired ness i came here.

Seaking this picture before i crash. Ye in fact

i found it.  There is beer and pizza. Loosing 13

hours of rest then finally back to the cycle is a relief.  No Sharon

spider from Nagidoches in the bed telling how  lonely they are and

having sperm in there crack between there legs. That dont do no

good dont mean a dam thing. I mucho man got rid of the spider.

But they can stay here like 2 hours. Thats right. No bull shit either.

The dick needs exercise and get all the cum out of it.  All the way in

that small pussy.  Well i did Our Lord Obamas wife last nite yes.

That black pussy licked up the white meat good.  Barock dont care at

all long as i go along with communism thats right. Soon they will try

to do away with the right to bear arms.  That will stop the mexicans

from the drug wars comming to Tx.  O thats what Barney but fuck

retarts Frank thinks.  Have the USA a communist country.  I bet

CHAIRMAN MOW wold be happy and KARL MARX.

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