Texas Moon

that knock for naked ness or austin
March 14, 2009, 10:00 am
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sand1Well thats not excatly where it is.  May be its underground Austin,Texas. If there is such a place. Any way i was resting on my back. O this

knock i heard 6 times at the great cave door.

 O i could not get up cause that sleping bag was partly on me. Any way it could have been that black good looking lady of 25 or ?

Wish my hands had open up the door.  That pussy would be so good

cause i had not have any in a long time. Get a head job lick that black tight pussy and ever thing else. Plus put the dick in there i mean that white meat. And cum 50 times thats right. Im a pig for cumming.

Any way where is dave i want to see him and suzi naked yes.  Dave

has a big dick i bet. Hey dave u and me  can take turns ok. I dont think u want it that way.  But u can feel me the dick i have and put the mouth on it and suck . But it cost 700 billion dollars no funny money.

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