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Well the security place on gulf bank
March 11, 2009, 9:00 pm
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Hells bells pancho was ready to work but.  That someone in that office said they got a place u to work its at campbell and bamboo.

Well the deal is the 2 streets dont join. O pancho knows what the

deal is, that area is kinda not safe late at nite.  They want some moron to

go be a security guard there. There is no way in hell. More or less u need a tank to hide in from fort hood.  U think i dont know what will happen.  Some thing happen to the last preson they sent there.

With out a gun or some thing or some thing.  Well they will play gun time   or knife time .  Yes there is a sub station on 290 but that wont be no good.  Some one once c0uld have got stabbed and beat up left for dead in that area 2 fucking yers ago.  Its not ok when u are jus

sittin in a car and its late at nite. They could ambush u and ash to ash. O its such in hurry to put some one out there i wonder why. O last about  3 or four hours. There may be bad houses making coke or wors near there and gangs who knows what else. O if they call pluto dont answer it no go back to gulf bank. Pay some dum ass 7.50 to getambushed and beat up or worse fuck that idea.

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