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rilled up thats right
March 6, 2009, 9:11 pm
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Hey some one ant happy.  Dont trust no one in that fucking office.

I mean that 9540 kempwood  rip off.  They wont even fix a dam

thing and in crease that give away each month.  There like taking to

the air.  The thing to do is get empl not madder if its walking alot.

There this place that does that.  Get the fuck way from that slime

shit rebuilt hovels.  They that pig lady that acts like a pig like a know

it all.  Those fucking guards got some thing comming .   Some big

sob get in and there fair game or a gang of u know what.

Just about had the course .  But talking to that fucking office is use

less.  Raze the fees when the ecomony is shitty.  Sounds

like democrats   obama lovers . O that managaer says its all

business u mean all rip off that are here.  If i had a realistate

lisensem. The first one to move out of there house is that crap

hole that looked at that car info. Make her live in the

dumpster.  The second would be in apt 114 force him to move

or stop feedin shit cats.  U know that there in cohoots with the crap

office.  Hope some one reads this.  Well i was goint o raze hell

but that bussy work today did me in so.  I think before

acting.  That bull shit lady said she help me 2 years ago i cant

remeber that she did.  That was in 2007.  Then working the ass 

off a little bit in the summer.  Like i say if u dont like whats going

on do some thing about it.  Dont get all mad and pissed off

and that crap.  Its hard to think when u are pissed off.

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