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yes budwiser and sex = good
March 3, 2009, 4:03 pm
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Hells bells there is nothing rong with havin some budwiser.  They 

got a big plant on hwy 290.  In fact there is a stine glass near me.

I wonder what that october fest is.  All that beer and german food.

They ant small folks there.  Hells bells i dont know but there could

be magic in the air if catfish meets a spanish lady again. JUST

look at tht head of this beer. u can tell  its pure  and good .

I dont  know. Iwould like to know  what dave said about me

years ago to so and so .  Dam this beer taste good.  First

i was talking about terry i guess .  Its kinda chilly.  Well

i dont know.  U know years ago .  Some one drove around

spring valley i guess. In a mercedies  yes they did. It sure

 was not bg no way.  Any way that Anna kicked catfish and

got ofullaly mad one time.  Some tbing is going one here

i think some one knows me at zimmer some how.  Hells bells

fucking a blak lady is ok but  cant do that all the time.  Here goes

well some  spanish ladies would not understsand. May be they

know who james osborn was who knows.   Well u use a rubber.

But im not Burt Rinnels.  Like some one said i look like. Yes there

from MI. and said they wont stear me rong .  Im sorry Dave.

I got to learn the hard way.  Yea u and your freinds never want me

to fuck bg again thats final u said.  I remember.  I think u have

some one in mine for me to be with .  Are u a angel or what.

And i remember that what u said about that bike accident years

ago.  3 beers is not enough no way. Sharon no way, that lady from

knoxcity was real nice but.  That woodlands walrus was too much.

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