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spanking time
March 1, 2009, 7:45 pm
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U know that terry that is driving around in circles at a mart

store. She actually gave me a spanking.  Thats right.   I had to lean

over that sanjsec car and pull down my pants.  Thats right.

Terry swumg her hand and slapped my but.  It felt good i wanted

more.   Well next thing i know i had to spank terry right in front of

ever one. Yes in deed.  Well terry undid her shirt and pulled down

her pants. I though she had panties on but no.  Rite out in the 

parking lot. O these folks wanted to stuff raw ground beef in her but

hole a lot of it and then bacon so they did that.  There was this

big dog wondreing in the parking lot and started sniffing .

 O the dog got excited and got so horny .  Some guard checker

came by and tryed to shue the dog away .  But it did not work.

In the pussy the dogs dick went  and the ground beef did to .

 Well the dog got finished and i had to spank terry .  Yes i did the

honors.  Not with my hand but a giant dong i carry around.

This is all made up.

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