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The mess
February 27, 2009, 1:43 pm
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   Yea in down town Houston there was a tea

party today.  The trail tidders were gathering

on fairbanks north houston.   Seems the job 

market is well fucked if im allowed to say the word.   Yea unless u

got a degree that is in demand these days u are screwed.  Then u got

to take any kind of job i guess.  Yea walt and johnson will be on

93.7 the arrow that fm station in houston next week.  Yea they used

to pound that station on at day international.  There is no way in

hell i would go to where they moved to.

O go on and pay some one 350 dollars for a tow motor certificate.

That man says there is adds in the paper for fork lift drivers all the

time.  At excell there was a full load there working but it may be the

first shift  working there 4 days a week.

Kinda glad i guess did not go to a certain sec co in humble to watch

a movie that friday.

What else is goin on ? Its 3 pm and its 81 out side.   Just who is

willing to work this sec co for 10 more years no beinfits.  Its kinda

depressing work just observe and report.

Im trying to get away from all this sex preverted stories. 

But someone can come over thats kinda fat i amigine.  Dont care

at all.   For 12 hours i could do that and have some rest stops.

So i could get back all the time i ant got none.  No i dont need no

rubbers.  Might get prevert all that 12 hours who knows.

No i ant paying to get my dong sucked or put in a pussy no way.

O i cleaned some of the floor and the shower today .

I wonder if there is a lot at matagorda near bay city these days.

That hurrican tore up the road the five mile jetty  at tex city.

Just gettin out like out there would do wonders so u could relax.

Yea this is a long essay or free thinking blog.  I ant in lucky college

so i can put this on here.  But dont they got to issue uni after the

crim rep comes back these days ?

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