Texas Moon

sex with dead wood on the ground
February 27, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Ever seen some dead person thats bloated and

has magits and flyies .  Its grose.  U still can have

sex with it. Thats right.   I know a pig lady that

may try that.  That sounds unhuman. It really is.  Yea watching

night of the living dead once.  Then picking this hook or who knows

what up at a church on sheard drive once.  Thats not a smart thing

to do.  O there is hooks on jensnen drive i bet there is.  One of them

once wanted me to get closer but there is no way.  In fact there is

a topless bar on jensen.  U pay 23 at the door and the dancers will 

do any thing . Thats a easy way to get aids. .  I never had aids

 period.  Just wiped the mule a few times in the past.  That ant no 

good to do that.  In fact its laten homosex.  Trying to hide it.

Right now its 1044.  Well tonight i made the dick hard thats all.

Sill got lots of cum in side of it.  U know there is a preverted site on

multiply .  Put dog sex in the address box and it goes to that.

 There is this girl thats leaning on the bed.  And this looks like a 

siberian huskey smelling her pussy. Then it sticks its pointed dong

in her probably lots of times.  That is sick.  

Well u know i live under barton springs in Austin. And there

is these female wolfs that sit on my huger.  Thats right .  These

ladies from some club on rankin road went to this canaco gas

station once to follow me to where i was staying.  But i was so

dam tired  i did not know what they wanted.

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