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apping here and there
February 25, 2009, 7:56 pm
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     O u read this add says so and so guardy

company is hiring.  Supposed ly on richmond

street.  Go in there with many applyin.  Then on the crap paper says on probation for 90 days thats a fucking lie.

They just put that on there to scare u.  And that too many crap

things to fill out .  Some one used brain wash questions on there.

Yea figure if u are smart they know it and sence it and pass u by.

Too bad i know how they get moronic accounts.

There this place n the hcc building on the freeway  that says \

there hiring  and bs also.  There stack of apps they dont have.

They do that for tax right off.  Just who in the fuck will walk

constantly for 12 fucking hours no one .  When guard checker is

gone sit down some where  no one can see u.  There fucking the

guards big time that company is.   Thats all golden showers has to

say.  But i suppose this terry person will want to see me p some

time and want to wear my underware .  It might be a little big.

If she cant get pg well no skin but protection against the birus is


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